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Three guess who’s mane and tail I am working on…. That’s right! A spitfire! I will only have ONE large spitfire this year, and a baby one… Last year ALL of the spitfires I had sold out within 2 hours last year so if you want her find our table quickly!

Available for a Travel Funding PRE BUY SALE! this awesome little Princess Celestia is going to bronycon! But she is one of a kind and The ONLY one like this that I have made. I am offering you guys a chance to buy her now and pick her up at my table at bronycon!

We are coming up tight in our budget for making it, so selling her before hand would ease our worry just a little . We will be there though!

She is $125.00 stands about 13+ inches tall is super soft and huggable and will have her eyes cutie marks and smile on her when you get her!

If you are interested please email me,

Don’t miss your chance to get her!
(and if you are not going to BC and want her, just add shipping cost to her price and she will be shipped as soon as we return from BC)

Had to take a break from sewing, so here is some drawing work! A commission I have been slowly working on when my back and hands need a break from sewing.

A female wolf bust was requested, she will be in brown earthy tones and I was asked to put tribal tattoos on her… Not sure if they meant native American like so I am awaiting approval before I continue but if this is what they want they also told me I could help name her..

So my name idea is Miakoda (power of the moon) from the clan of the Sun

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