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Internet is up and running


We officially have the internet up and running at our new apartment. AND i was able to start sewing again last night!!!

Commissions are being worked on again starting last night, and brony-con inventory is also getting started back up again as of today!  Yippee!.

so if you need to get a hold of me you finally can.. and I can respond quicker and with a more detailed reply since I’m not just on my phone anymore ^_^  

Wiggle wiggle little baby. This little squirmy baby really makes unpacking into a drawn out process.

Haha qetesh, that’s what the Hubby calls it. Our little alien.

Moving is tiring work! Our munchkin, sound asleep after we all flopped on the air matress after the 12 hour grueling night time drive. And she slept most of the way!

More updates as we get unpacking!


officially moving THIS THURSDAY… we already have no internet (as you all can tell from my absense this past week.) but i just wanted to let you guys know what was going on (especially those who have commissions being done by me) 

we will be packing up a truck and heading to our new home in Buffalo NY on Thursday/friday.. so I should be unpacking and finishing commissions/starting new commissions by monday if we are lucky. ^_^

i’ve also been extremely.. and i mean EXTREMELY sick all week.. so i may just crash the first 4 or 5 days in the new apartment trying to recover… so please don’t panic if you don’t hear from me through tumblr or even email.. i’ll do my best to respond as always but i may just literally be sleeping and recovering.

can’t wait to be flooding you all with   plushie pictures and updates on commissions and brony-con inventory soon and pictures of our new little apartment. :)

wish us luck… so far we have NO ONE to help us unload at the new apartment and i’m panicing a bit.. I’m on lifting/weight restrictions from my Dr due to my pregnancy and bad back, so my poor hubby has to try and figure out how to unload all our furniture etc himself.. we have 1 possible friend that may or may not be able to drive out to help us..

any friendly bronies in the buffalo Area that could help? lol  We’ll feed ya pizza and soda! 

lol ok off back to the apartment to finish packing (using library internet at the moment)

talk to you all soon!

MLP Themed Aprons?

My Little Pony Themed Aprons… yes.. or no?

A Friend of mine is starting up an Apron business… I was wondering, is there anyone that would be interested in Pony Themed Aprons? both BBQ/male style and/or half apron more frilly style? Her apron’s are really cute and useful in the kitchen or at a BBQ ^_^

She’s going to try a Big Mac themed one so I should have a picture in a week or so to show if anyone is interested! She isn’t a pony fan herself, but she’d be more than happy to give it a try, I’ve designed 2 so far for her to do, and will do more if there’s an interest ^_^

the BBQ style apron is 25.00 The half apron/frilly style would be 35. Will post picture as soon as she makes the first sample one.



originally started July 2013  to be a Nov birthday present for my Hubby, I finally took a little time to stuff her.

We have a “life size” fluttershy! She stands 34-37 inches tall (depending where you measure her too)

Do to our current financial situation and my Hubby still being unable to find a new job he said it would be ok to offer her for sale.

For anyone interested she is 500$ this Includes shipping to lower USA states.. Anywhere else would be extra.

This is a new pattern used at this size. It actually is a tiny but smaller than my other life size ponies BUT she stands completely unaided no foam or wires needed in her legs either!

If anyone is interested in her please email me. I do accept time payments as well. Littlewolfstudios at gmail. Please share with your friends too!

Thanks everyone!

Just Re-Sharing this post for people who were checking for pictures of her… Didn’t realize how far down she had gotten ^_^

she is still for sale!!!!   Can have her finished this week for anyone interested in her.  We’re Moving so I’d like to sell her before we move so I don’t have to un-stuff her and bag her up to take up to our new apartment just to re-do her  for brony-con.   plus we could REALLY use the money right now to help with the move and buying food to stock our new kitchen, and so i can get a new pair of glasses as mine just kicked the bucket and sit completely crooked now from being broken lol

Thanks ^_^

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