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frustrating week + Commission updates

having one of those weeks where it feels like everything is wrong or going wrong… between no sleep due to a growing baby, losing 2 vitally important pieces to a plushie I need to make, and girly issues popping up making me extremely sick and in pain for 2 days I just feel like i’m going nuts.

at least my work space is becoming even MORE organized as I search for the two missing pieces of the pattern… its rediculous.. its for a life size plushie, so they’re BIG pieces (11X14 or a little bigger) they can’t just Vanish…

Few other things that delayed me recently was a Car accident (minor thankfully) trying to take care of all the paper work for that, getting my van repaired, new carseats for the kiddos even though it was just a fender bender.

I’ve been having Severe Muscle Spasm issues with no idea how I injured the shoulder area that they’re occuring in, so I had to visit the  Doctor, and I’ve been given muscle relaxers for when it happens, which make me really sleepy, sitting and drawing is about all i can muster when I’ve taken them (which is why i’ve had drawing updates instead of plushies)

anyway here’s my update on commissions for those of you who are waiting ever so patiently.. I appreciate your patience and dedication!

Sorry i don’t have pictures of the plushies, went to take them today and my phone is once again acting up and crashing out the camera.. really …reeeaaally needs replaced soon.

Commission Que 
Life Size Princess Luna - almost done! Mane and tail are in progress(trying different techniques to make sure they won’t weigh her down and be awkward) and tweaking extra detail.

LS Laying Octavia - almost done as well ^_^ her mane and tail need to be sewn on and her extra detail finished

LS Rainbow Dash -going to Australia- almost all her pieces are cut out and being prepped (prepped = sewing darts and smaller pieces togehter)… just need to find my last 2 pattern pieces (the missing ones dangit)  >< and then i can start sewing her (if i don’t find them today i’ll just get them enlarged again this weekend)

LS Bab Seed - going to England- She’s being prepped for sewing, (all cut out sewing darts and smaller details so i can sew her all together)

OC Small BronyCon Commission Unicorn Stallion and Pegasus mare - almost done! working on their manes and tails

OC Small BronyCon Commission - Earth Pony Foal - same as the last guys!

Beanie/shoulder pony Commissions -all for the same person- (no set deadline)
(and the other things ur waiting for)
next two should be coming out to you in a week or two along with the little detail things

hopefully about 8 of these will be DONE by this weekend and getting shipped out next week as long as Life Cooperates a bit better for me.

Name Help Contest!


Hey Guys! i’m starting up a line of Baby Products and other things (steam punk Spats/fingerless gloves etc) my first group of items are cute Bibs and burp cloths as well as for adults some Microwaveable rice heating pads for those with sore shoulders/necks etc.

My Dilemma is this, This stuff…

REBLOGGING BEcause there is Still Time to Win a Plushie!! :)

no name has been picked yet, very few have been suggested SOOO

Here are some of the names suggested so far on my Facebook page and sent to me Via Text.

They Sky’s the limit when it comes to a name..
Remember this is not just BABY items so specifically “baby sounding/child sounding” won’t really work…  It doesn’t have to say “little” it doens’t Have to include a wolf or animal.. but it doesn’t have to be limited to wolf either, I also adore dragons, bats and fox just to name a few lol.   
So put on some thinking caps and you could be the proud owner of a huggable Daring Do!

Names suggested So Far:

Little Cub Designs 
Little Precious
Scarlett Design 
Bitty Kitty Kreations
Bitty Bat Boutique
Wolf Wares n Wearables

floofy-reshiram asked:

Something else has been bothering me as well, I've found that the price of all the materials I would need to make a high-quality fursuit with three different fur colors, realistic ram horns, and a mouth piece I make myself only adds up to about $200. Why do fursuit makers charge ten times that amount?




because they are trying to make a living.

If you divide the time they work hourly on actually putting the material together, it’s almost less than minimum wage. 

This original post’s opinion is something I have unfortunately seen people repeat. The gyst of it is that OP believes suits are cheap to make, so suitmakers must be overcharging. Furthermore it suggests the conclusion that suitmakers are charging the prices we do because of greed. I thought I’d lay out a couple points to help people understand why professional suitmakers charge the prices we do.

So, let’s pretend that you want to make professional-quality fursuits for $200 each, in expenses.

1. If you are lucky you may be able to find the fabric and foam you need for $200 (though this is at the bare minimum spectrum of material costs). Now, how are you going to make each suit? In order to make professional-quality suits, you are going to need a few things.
You will need to own a heavy-duty sewing machine ($400+), airbrush ($100+), airbrush compressor ($100+), electric drill and correct bits for making eyes ($50+), professional-quality electric clippers ($100+), silicone moldmaking and resin kits ($25-50 per kit), titanium scissors and sharpener ($25+), new shoes for feetpaws ($20+), rubber matting for soles ($20+), electric carving knife for thick foam ($25+); this is indicative of the tools used to create a typical fullsuit, but many suitmakers use other tools that also add to the expense (like dremels, vacuum-form tables, etc.).
You will also need to take into account your thread, needles, pins, polyfil, airbrush paints, lacquer, gluesticks, garbage bags, adhesives, sharpies/chalk, razorblades, zippers, eye plastic, buckram, machine oil, elastic, sandpaper, resin, and patternmaking material, which I won’t calculate here. You will eat through hundreds of these necessities every few weeks. And if you want a website, you must pay annually for your url and monthly for your website server.
So, a modest estimate for tools alone comes to roughly $900 NOT including any of the things that actually go into the tools to make them useful, which you will need to restock regularly.

2. It would be fair to want to be compensated for your specialized labor. A professional-grade fullsuit should take you about 2 weeks of work. The average professional suitmaker produces 2-3 suits a month. Suitmaking of course is a very specific set of artistic skills that takes years to develop, and only a handful of individuals in the world can make suits professionally. So, if it hypothetically only costs you $200 per suit for materials, how much do you charge for labor? At minimum wage ($8.50/hr), 80 hours of work (2 weeks full-time) will come to $680.

This means if a suitmaker’s material costs are $200, and they are paid minimum wage, they will on average be left with $480 for every 2 weeks of full-time work. This comes to $960 a month. This is barely enough to pay electricity, water, food, and rent, let alone cover the restocking of basic materials. Unfortunately you *probably won’t* want to go out and get a second job if you are making suits professionally, because you already work 40 hours a week.

3. You must pay taxes on the suits you sell. That’s right, self-employed people like fursuit-makers in the United States have to pay self-employment tax (15.3% in 2014) AND income tax (another 15%). That means if you make that $960 a month, you must pay almost $2000 a year in taxes.

Suitmakers like me charge what we do in order to compensate for the financial investment we participate in every month, in order to produce a high-quality, lasting piece of original wearable art for you. We spend dozens or even hundreds of hours on each costume, lovingly rendering it to match your design. We strive to make our customers happy with their costumes, not only because of how they look but because of how well they are made and will hold up over time. We do *not* get rich doing this. We dedicate our lives to this craft; it is our career.

Do you still think we charge too much?

This is important. And it applies not only to fursuit makers but to all kinds of artists. 

I hate people who expect things cheap because they “could make it for less themselves” - if that’s the case, do it yourself and stop complaining! 

AS One of those artists who uses her plushies and art to pay bills and keep her family afloat, i felt i should share this because it is so true…

and even as one of those artists, i cringe at having to charge so much for things sometimes, but there are many times I realize I don’t charge enough, but I keep my prices lower because I want to make people happy, and  i need the sales so things like our apartment, and electric can be kept up. 

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